Advanced Massage Therapist
Esthetician Tech 2

Salon & Day Spa

I got into Massage because I wanted to help people feel better. I got into Esthetician work because it helps people feel better about themselves.
I’m here at Elements because I have great respect for my mentors. I learn so much on a daily basis from the wonderful people that I work with.
Advice to new providers: everyone makes mistakes, just try to learn from them and do better next time.

I love to make our guests feel good on their way out and always remind them to drink lots of water.

My favorite beauty product is the liquid exfoliant and the hand and foot cream.
When visiting other businesses I pay attention to the welcoming I receive when I walk in the door. I like to feel comfortable and accepted like I’m supposed to be there and that they appreciate my business and I want all my guests to experience the same level of care after a service with me.